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Samskriti Foundation, Mysore is a Public Trust engaged in the activity of preservation and propagation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage of India. Over the last ten years of its existence, it has brought out several publications in the form of books, Audio CDs and Interactive Multimedia Computer CDs on various aspects of Indian cultural heritage, Manuscriptology and so on. Even as the world is seeing uncontrolled deterioration in all spheres of human life, the Foundation has embarked on a journey to once again re-establish the moral and spiritual values in the world, by its innovative and pioneering programmes that are aimed at enabling the world at large to live a life in harmony with nature and uphold the path of righteousness.

Samskriti is an earnest endeavor to improve the quality of life as the quality of life is at its best only when man learns to live with nature in harmony.

Vivekollasini sabha

The Gautama Academy of Indian Intellectual Traditions (GAIIT), a subsidiary organization of the Samskriti Foundation, is set up to provide an institutional avenue for taking up the challenge of examining the foundational ideas and concepts that have gone into building the contemporary world and of coming up with alternative systems and ideas based on firmer foundations of knowledge. Website

Virtual Academy of Ancient Knowledge systems (VAAK) is an independent Academic unit, under the umbrella of Samskriti Foundation. It has an Advisory Board of experts and an Executive Committee which manages its affairs. In due course, it shall invite specialists from various fields to become members of a support team called Samskrita Vijnyana Parishat, which will extend technical and subject wise support and help to VAAK.

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SRI RAMANUJA VISHVA VIDYA PRATHISTANAM (SRVVP) is a unique academic organization exclusively devoted and dedicated to propagating and conducting extensive research work into the Visistadvaita Philosophy and Srivaishnava tradition along with its inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and Mutli-disciplinary dimensions to suit the changing needs of modern times.

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