More than a decade ago, many Indian Culture enthusiasts and philanthropists urged a group of scholars headed by Prof M A Lakshmithathachar of Melkote in Karnataka, to create an organization that would exclusively cater to needs of interested people in preserving and propagating the Cultural and scientific Heritage of India by using modern media like CD-Roms, websites etc and also use the latest IT tools to do so. As a result of intense brain storming and research, the Samskriti Foundation came into being in a very small but significant manner. After a brief lull in its activities in the beginning of the millennium, it has picked up its tempo of activities in the last 6 – 7 years and has successfully accomplished many pioneering projects that have caught the imagination of the public at large, though the organization itself has remained incognito. We invite all those who share our passions and objectives to join in this most fulfilling and enlightening journey of preserving and propagating the Culture and Scientific Heritage of India.

Various courses are being conducted for students from India and Countries abroad to spread and propagate about Spiritual Practices, Indian Philosophy, Traditional Indian Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Indian Astronomy and Astrology and about the rich Cultural Heritage.

Samskriti is into mining of information about many different topics as varied as Aeronautics, Ayurveda, Music, Linguistics and so on from various source texts in Sanskrit and other Indian languages .Several research projects are being carried out with Premier Research Institutes on combining wisdom of Science and Technology that prevailed in ancient India like metallurgy, chemistry, food processing and aviation are being conducted throughout the world

About Samskriti Foundation

Brief Facts

  • Established in 1999 in Mysore as a Public Trust open to one and all.
  • Engaged in Research, Education and Cultural Actvities since 1999.
  • Propagating the contemporary relevance of Indian Knowledge systems especially with regard to Science and Technology.
  • Many stalwart, scholars and leading personalities in the field of Administration, Law, Education and Culture etc. associated with the organization.

Legal Information

Recognitions / Legal Aspects

  • Recognized by Income Tax Dept. of Govt. of India and Tax Exemption granted under Sec 12 A and 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Recognized by Ministry of Home Affairs as a Research organization and eligibility to receive Foreign Funding granted under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).
  • Recognized by Credibility Alliance (designated organization for such certification) as ‘Credible NGO’ (under Basic Norms criteria – Other criteria not applicable to the current organization).


  • To help man to be aware of his intellectual and spiritual superiority, which would help him to play the right role to live in harmony with Nature.
  • To create a mine of knowledge from scriptures and ancient texts, to unearth the wisdom and insights and to use the same in the modern context to the physical and spiritual well being of mankind.
  • To develop sustainable Science and Technology without eroding the values of life and disturbing the ecological balance in Nature.
  • To bring together Science and Spirituality and to show that they can move hand in hand and lead a
    successful, peaceful, spiritual and materialistic life.
  • To teach man to lead a simple, peaceful, magnanimous and successful life with contentment utilizing minimum natural resources.
  • To create a new generation which will appreciate the spiritual and ethical values of life and help it to create a new society which would live in harmony and peace.
  • To bring in a symbiosis of man, animal and earth.