Samskriti Foundation has also undertaken several research projects that are invariably associated with Indian Culture and heritage. These research projects involve extensive textual and field research and the results of the same are made into attractive publications for the benefit of one and all. At present, these are the research projects that the Foundation is executing:

The Foundation has embarked on a very unique and pioneering project for the preparation of a comprehensive Dictionary of Yoga based on traditional Sanskrit works of Yoga in print and Electronic formats. Though the practice of Yoga is gaining immense popularity in the entire world, not much work is being done to strengthen the theoretical foundations of Yoga, or give proper, authentic expositions about the basic concepts of Yoga. The present project is an attempt to fill this void.
Research and awareness about the Vedic rituals and sacrifices is greatly increasing and these rituals being viewed with great interest and optimism of late. However, research into the important beneficial effects of these Vedic rituals is being hampered due the lack of proper information that is presented in a manner that is widely understandable. To overcome this problem, the Foundation has prepared a comprehensive monograph on the most important Vedic Sacrifice popularly known in the Vedas as ‘Soma-Yagna’ This has been done in collaboration with an organization called Vedic Society based in the UK and South Africa. Further field research in this regard is in progress.
In Nepal and other countries, animals like cows, buffaloes and goats etc are indiscriminately killed under the pretext of performing rituals and sacrifices said to be mentioned in the Vedas. Not many people are aware that such indiscriminate killing of animals is not only not permitted, but strictly prohibited in the Vedas or other traditional Indian texts. After conducting in depth research, the Foundation has come out with a monograph with very authentic and versatile references from the source works of Indian tradition that substantiate the fact that animal sacrifices are totally prohibited..
In the last few decades, due to the advent of the white resolution ushered in by the dairy authorities in the government, local breeds of Indian cattle have begun to deteriorate very fast. However, new research all over the world is proving that traditional Indian cow breeds are the best in all aspects since all their produces like milk, cow-urine and cow-dung are most are useful for general and overall well being, and also possess tremendous curative qualities. They are said to be able to cure even incurable diseases. Extensive research is being conducted in this regard and an authentic publication is being brought out that contains the results of this pioneering research.

Many other such innovative projects are on the anvil. Details about these projects will be uploaded on the Foundation’s website from time to time.