• To revive the ancient traditional Indian Knowledge systems and prove to the modern world their utility and relevance
  • To re-establish, propagate and uphold moral and spiritual values of human life


  • Facilitate all human beings to lead a morally and spiritually fulfilling life that is in harmony with nature
  • Protect and preserve the cultural heritage of India for posterity

Aims & Objectives

  • To help man to be aware of his intellectual and spiritual superiority, which would help him to play the right role to live in harmony with Nature.
  • To educate man about his pursuit within the framework of righteousness and restraint.
  • To create a new generation which will appreciate the spiritual and ethical values of life and help it to create a new society which would live in harmony and peace.
  • To bring in a symbiosis of man, animal and earth.
  • To develop sustainable Science and Technology without eroding the values of life and disturbing the ecological balance in Nature.
  • To develop policies for sustainable growth, economic development adopting the principles expounded by our great sages and saints.
  • To bring together Science and Spirituality and to show that they can move hand in hand and lead a successful, peaceful, spiritual and materialistic life.
  • To create a mine of knowledge from scriptures and ancient texts, to unearth the wisdom and insights and to use the same in the modern context to the physical and spiritual well being of mankind.
  • To protect and preserve the cultural heritage of India to posterity.
    To create institutions to inculcate the ideas and ideals of our ancient sages in the generations to come.
  • To enable every individual to be aware of his own immense potential and make use of the same for the development of physical, intellectual and spiritual upliftment.
  • To teach man to lead a simple, peaceful, magnanimous and successful life with contentment utilizing minimum natural resources.

Organization Profile