Project on The Anvil

Samskriti Foundation has also undertaken several research projects that are invariably associated with Indian Culture and heritage. These research projects involve extensive textual and field research and the results of the same are made into attractive publications for the benefit of one and all. At present, these are the research projects that the Foundation is executing:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive Dictionary of Yoga
  • Research on 'Soma Yagna' - a premier Vedic sacrifice
  • Prevention of Animal sacrifices
  • Importance and sustainability of raring ancient breeds of Indian cows

Many innovative projects are on the anvil which can create a revolution in the field of Education, Research and Science. Few such projects which require funding to be successfully accomplished are:

  • Aroma Therapy
  • Among the many new innovative curing systems, Aroma therapy is the principle mode of cure that is fast catching up. It is found that aroma reaches brain directly before the medine does and produces the desired effect. For example, if a person who is a diabetic and is made to savour the appropriate aroma, it will coax the brain to send the right signal to the pancreas to produce the required amount of insulin. Aroma therapy is also devoid of the side effects that are associated with such drugs. There is an abundant amount of information in the ancient Indian Sanskrit texts that give us details in this therapy. Samskrti Foundation has direct access to this information, and has done the ground work in this regard. t is proposed to create a small garden that will serve as the sites for aroma therapy. As a first step, research has begun to extract the information in the ancient Sanskrit texts available to us. If successful, this will go a long way in serving the public who are suffering from diseases. This is one of the main projects of the Samskrti Foundation.

  • Gurukulam
  • The proposed Gurukulam, where the student live with the teachers, intends to exemplify excellence in teaching and learning process. With free education and stress on developing high ideals, the motto of the institution is "Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara" or speak the truth and act righteously. A visit to campus will speak of the ambience of the ancient Gurukula system of teaching and learning. The sayings of great sages will be inscribed on the wall which will remind and inspire them to strive to have their great insight, ideals, discipline and profound scholarship.

    Main features:

    The campus of the Foundation is partly residential and located in a quiet and peaceful environment, situated on the banks of the holy Kaveri river, which is condusive for intellectual pursuit and emotional development.

    Students would come from all over India and even from other countries. The quality of infrastructure of the institute like of buildings, laboratories, hostels and other facilities would be very high and merges with the ambience of surrounding nature.

    Dedicated and highly skilled teaching staff will be offering the best education on par with the best available in the country.

    All activities like admissions, examinations, declaration of results would be held as per schedule without any interruption.

    Plans are afoot to help the foundation to meet the major part of its expenditure from its own resources.

    It is proposed to introduce educational technology through the installation of a model space theatre in rural surroundings to help students to develop various kinds of stimulation exercises. Participation in such activities help students develop right perspective and the right view about attaining physical, emotional, psychic, intellectual and intuitional perfection.

    Motivating Force

    To achieve a sense of involvement, students are made to participate in all activities of both campus and hostels. Thus the dependence on hired labour in the labs, hostels, campus environment will be minimum.


    Students would do their own work like serving meals, gardening, managing the stationary stores, reading room and library, organizing health-care, office up-keeping, receiving guests, repair work like plumbing etc. This will help the student to be self-reliant.

    Social Service

    As part of social service-week, students would get an opportunity of repairing roads, buildings, cleaning, white-washing, organizing medical camps, tree plantation and such activities. On special occasions students would also be made to serve the poor like distribution of clothes, food, maintenance of general traffic, orderly movement of crowds, catering and seating.

    Morning Assembly Address

    All students would be encouraged to address the morning assembly on universal themes. Students will observe silence for five minutes to reflect on the reality of life.

    This integral education system mirrors the pre-historic Gurukul system. The emphasis is on traditional values and at the same time, exposure to realities of society through community development

  • R & D Center
  • It is proposed to house an exhaustive reference multi-lingual library that will quench the thirst of knowledge-seekers from around the world. The library will house books, CDs, audio cassettes covering all branches of traditional as well as contemporary subjects. It will also cater to the needs of the rural folk, helping them with information in their own language. Further, these books will be used to conduct in depth research into varied aspects and publish them. The library will be computerised so that retrieving the required information will be instant and easy. Photocopying, computerized storage and other facilities will also be provided to the researchers, along with internet access. Already the foundation has about 5,000 titles under its possession.

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