1. Literary Research Project on Yoga:

The following components of the Literary Research Project on Yoga are underway at the Foundation:

I year

  1. App / Web-enabled and CD-Based Multimedia-Self-teaching Program on Patanjali-s Yoga Sutras, with topic-wise and other searches at various levels
  2. Critical Edition of very important Unpublished Yoga Manuscripts  
  3. Bringing out a Monograph on ‘An overview of the Yoga-Upanishads and their Contribution to Yoga’ – in English along with the original Sanskrit texts

2. Preparing online teaching programs and Critical Editions and English translation & Explanation with Notes, of the works teaching various important aspects of Sanskrit –

Research and translation of the work उपयुक्तश्लोकाः
Research and translation of the work लिङ्गानुशासनवृत्तिः
Research and translation of the work श्रुतबोधः
Research and translation of the work वृत्तरत्नाकरः
Research and translation of the work समासशिखामणिः
Research and translation of the work द्विरूपकोशः
Research and translation of the work श्रीरामायणसंग्रहः
Research and translation of the work क्रियानिघण्टुद्वयम्
Research and translation of the work समासचक्रवर्ती
Research and translation of the work शास्त्रग्रन्थव्याख्योदाहृत-प्रमाणसंग्रहः
Research and translation of the work चन्द्रालोकः
Research and translation of the work सङ्क्षेपरामायणम्

3. Jnana Ashwattha / Knowledge Tree Project

Director of SRVVP, Sri M. G. Narasimhan has developed and installed a Knowledge Tree with graphics display on the cloud. The software enables a user to view an inverted tree-like graphical display of Vedas and its various branches. At the root, Om is displayed. When the user clicks on Om, the different Vedas and its further subdivisions are displayed. Further, one can view the details of each node, edit the details of the node, view the relationship between different nodes (such as Parent-child relationship, anga-angi bhava, etc). Efforts are underway to populate this knowledge tree with data about the different branches, shakhas, samhitas and other details related to Vedas.

With the help of Ranjani Parthasarathy and her team at Anna University, work is in progress to create a prototype software for the Pramana tree, with a sample data consisting details of the poetry work, Vishnu Shatpadi created at SRVVP. A research paper has been submitted to the World Sanskrit Conference 2018 based on the work carried out so far by the team at Anna University and Melkote together.

Considering these aspects, SRVVP is preparing power point presentations on different subjects of sciences that were developed in India for the last 2000 years. At present, it has prepared power point presentations on Ancient Indian Metallurgy, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Agriculture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering subjects. Readers who are interested in knowing about the rich scientific heritage of India can contact SRVVP for viewing these presentations. These presentations provide an overview of the developments that had taken place in these fields. We have explored only the tip of the iceberg.

4. Digitization Centre

This project aims at converting the manuscript into a machine readable version, correcting the errors, proof reading and also bringing out a new publication.

SRVVP is engaged in documenting various texts in the form of manuscripts, palm scripts, copper inscriptions, books that are out of print and so on, in their relentless pursuit of bridging ancient knowledge systems with present day technology.

Sri P. K. Gopalan and Smt Jayalakshmi Ammal memorial digital library that was inaugurated on 25th November 2017 is now under full swing. Daily around five to ten books are digitised and being stored. Work is also under progress to document the books and store the information in digital library software.